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Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi

The classic tribute to mushrooms and other fungi from around the world, Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi showcases Taylor's world-class photography. Grouped by appearance and characteristics with sections including a "A Touch of Glass," "Magic Carpets and Spore Gardens," and "The Wild, Weird, and the Wonderful," Treasures showcases fungi shot in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Switzerland, Japan, and United States.

A perfect gift for a special occasion, Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi is a delight to mushroom enthusiastists, arm-chair travelers, fans of fine photography, and nature lovers of all kinds.

Product Specifics:

Hard-cover coffee table book with dust jacket

Dimensions: 11 inches x 9 1/4 inches

Signed by the author -- Species index -- 128 pages


Comments about the Book:

This is an absolutely sumptuous book of stunning photographs . . . some of which are absolutely breathtaking, the rest simply superb."
-- Jonathan Revett, Field Mycology

". . . the most impressive photographic work of its kind . . . showing some of the most spectacular fungi"-- Marco Floriani, Italy

"'Simply stunning' is the best way to describe this offering from photographer and mushroom lover Taylor Lockwood. 128 pages of gorgeous full-color photographs of fungi from around the world."
-- Paul Stamets, author of Mycelium Running

"Taylor F. Lockwood has done for mushrooms what Ansel Adams did for Yosemite Valley . . . His photographs are too beautiful to be believed."
-- Andrew Todhunter, author of A Meal Observed

"Breathtaking, awesome, and exquisite . . . Not only does he search out the most pristine mushrooms to photograph, his composition, color, and lighting are unparalleled. Taylor is the Michelangelo of the mushroom world."
-- Dr. Don Hemmes, Professor of Biology, University of Hawai'i at Hilo

". . . his technical and creative talents as photographer are clearly demonstrated in the
spectacular images that result."
-- Simon H. Lewis, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

"This book showcases 274 of the most enchanting images . . . enhanced by a perceptive eye for meaningful detail and by skilled composition and lighting technique."
-- Harley Barnhart, Mushroom, the Journal

"Deliciously lit specimens . . . intrepid shutterwork . . . a lot of juicy fun."
-- Carl T. Hall, San Francisco Chronicle

". . . his appreciation, technical skill and fungi hunting expertise transport us to previously unseen spectacles hidden deep in the forests and jungles of the world. Glistening, colorful, graceful and even sensual fungal forms fill each page."
-- Roy Reehil, publisher, The Forager Press