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Chasing the Rain
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"A joy to page through and a highly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library collections, Chasing the Rain is as entertaining as it is informative."--- James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"photographs that make you gasp with astonishment and wonder"
---Geoffrey Kibby



This is a book as unique as its author. Forget identification guides, forget books on the natural history of mushrooms, forget photographic guides, this book is all of those and more. There can be few mycologists as widely travelled as Taylor F. Lockwood, and even fewer who take beautiful photographs as well and who can write passionately, engagingly and knowledgeably about their subject.

In his pre-publication notice the author says that he has "...dedicated his career to capturing unique and gorgeous images of mushrooms, and now he's focussing on educating people about the wonders of these earthy delights". One glance at this book shows that he succeeds admirably. There are photographs here that make you gasp with astonishment and wonder, and look on in awe at the photographer's skill.

Organised like a literal trek around the world, the book is arranged by country or continent with page after page of full colour, perfectly composed photographs. Many but not all are identified; the author is not afraid to place a simple 'Unidentified" or 'sp.' beneath a picture. The object here is not to act as a field guide but to inspire, amaze and enthral you. The text is very much a travelogue, mentioning not just the fungi but the many people he met on the way, the various accidents, surprises and wildlife he encountered. There is discussion here of local customs regarding fungi and their uses as food and medicine, plus photographs of local mycologists.

His travels have taken him from Tibet to the Amazon, from Russia to South Africa, from the wettest tropics to the highland plateaus of Asia. He has certainly suffered for his art. There is a photograph of his face so swollen that he is hardly able to open his eyes after being stung by an African wasp, and another of a poisonous snake that almost ended his career.

Taylor is well known in the U.S.A. for his lectures, slide shows and educational videos but less so in Europe; this is the book that will hopefully change that situation. Buy the book, drool over the amazing fungi and then pack up your travel kit and get photographing!
Geoffrey Kibby---Field Mycology



A very special blend of travelogue and horticultural study, Chasing the Rain: My Treasure Hunt for the World's Most Beautiful Mushrooms by Taylor F. Lockwood is beautifully illustrated throughout with the author's simply gorgeous, full-color photography of an astonishing variety of mushrooms. The text offers fascinating and informative anecdotes about everything from having to dodge deadly snakes in China, to warding off swarms of mosquitoes in Borneo, to outsmarting a band of monkeys in Bali, to hunting for mushrooms at 14,000 feet in Tibet's thin air, to the difficulties of finding mushrooms in drought-stricken Europe. The culmination (to date) of his passionate appreciation for mushrooms and other fungi, Chasing the Rain is also an account of the connection felt by people who, like esthetic mycologist Taylor Lockwood, hunt the mushrooms of the world. A joy to page through and a highly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library collections, Chasing the Rain is as entertaining as it is informative.---James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

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