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Chasing the Rain
-- Book


Program length: approx. 55 min.


Price: $14.95 --


Right on! That is your very best yet!
What a great, great job. Very smooth, professional, educating, enthralling & of course...entertaining.
. . . fantastic viewing -- congrats. Glad you found the Holy Veil!
It is fantastic, the best video that you have ever done.
Scandalous! I think it's your best!

. . . a story line which carries the narrative nicely, making it more than either a travelogue or documentary. On the way, we gain insight into life, people and travel in these remote locations, as well as impressive range of pictures of the fungi Taylor encounters.
Pat Heslop-Harrison -- Chief Editor of Annals of Botany.

In Search of the Holey Veil (2012) - An entertaining video journal of mushroom hunter and photographer Taylor F. Lockwood's trek across India, China, Thailand and Nepal in search of exotic mushrooms. We see tons of Lockwood's beautiful photographs and learn a lot about the wonders of nature along the way.
-- Green Films: The Best Environmental Documentaries



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Secrets of
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Ramaria Reef


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